The Allgemeine Österreichische Speditionsbedingungen (AÖSP) as amended and respectively announced in the Wiener Zeitung as well as the General Business Terms and Conditions shall be valid.

1. The legal relationship between the Service Provider and the Customer shall be regulated by the General Business Terms and Conditions, which are available from us for review, as well as the additional points.

2. The transport of persons and hazardous goods as well as notifications in accordance with § 2 Postgesetz are excluded from the transport. If we are commissioned to transport goods, the Customer must securely package the respective goods to protect against complete or partial loss or damage insofar as their nature requires packaging. We shall not be obliged to inspect closed containers or packages. The proper delivery of goods must be confirmed by the recipient.


3. The Service Provider shall be directly liable for the proper fulfilment of the Transport Agreement and in accordance with the Allgemeinen Österreichischen Bedingungen für das. The transported goods must be insured by the driver with transport liability insurance with a coverage amount of euro 2,500 (three thousand six hundred). The Customer must request additional insurance coverage for more extensive liability.

Exceptions to the obligation to pay damage compensation shall be the following: Damages caused by force majeure, wars, seizures or other governmental decrees; damages which have been caused through the fault of the Customer, the sender, the recipient or one of his vicarious agents.

4. The fee for the transport shall be based upon the printed-out price list net (as amended) and/or the special agreements concluded with the Service Provider. The driver shall not be entitled to charge other prices. The billing of the transport costs shall be based upon the cheapest route.

5. The billing of the transport costs shall be made upon a 14-day and/or a monthly basis by the Service Provider. The payment claim shall be immediately payable without any discounts upon receipt of the invoice. Default interest rates that are customary for the industry shall be billed without any further notice being required after the first warning letter has been sent. Any discounts and/or bonuses shall require a special agreement.

6. We shall not be responsible for typographical and printing errors.

7. The place of performance and legal venue shall in all cases be Vienna.

8. We shall insure the transported goods with transport liability insurance with a coverage amount of EUR 2,500.

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